24 April - UI Enhancements & Fixes


Based on community feedback we have some UI enhancements and bug fixes being released today

Redesign of the Indicators tab
You can now see the overview of all the groups, click the + to see the indicators values

Faster Price updates
We have made a few changes to the bot to ensure the bot gets data faster, we have also used the feed to power the price status in the footer of the site, balances tab and the summary of a coin when expanding a position(right slide-out section)

Bug Fixes & Enhancements

  • Rebuy reversing position added to the position actions menu
  • Close reversing position added to the position actions menu
  • Break-even price added to the position table
  • Added alternative tether coins to Automation
  • [BugFix] OBV indicator not returning results
  • [BugFix] Allow changing of sell strat while reversing
  • [BugFix] Bot would not decrement ART level if limit buy failed/timeout
  • [BugFix] Panic sell to tether (Pax) did not work
  • [BugFix] Position import of BCHABS/BCHSV
  • [BugFix] console was not renewing sessions correctly and was logging users out.