Apex Trader Companion 1.21


I would like to introduce you to Apex Trader Companion 1.21 - this little tool makes it easy to display and document a good amount of statistical data related to your bot, which allow you to keep track of Apex’s long term performance.

v1.1 (04/23/19)
v1.2 (06/19/19)
v1.21 (06/24/19)


  • ATC is not an official tool or belongs to Apex Trader Ltd.
  • Sheets are already filled with sample data giving you an idea of what they should look like in the end
  • Over time, there may be inconsistencies with the allocation results (only) as all data previously entered by the user has already been rounded by Apex and ATC doesn’t access Binance to sync data. Therefore allocation results calculated by ATC are always below Apex’s actual allocation, so you should be safe. Furthermore you can adjust and fix it manually at any point (see Manual Allocation below)
  • Please do not edit !data… sheet

Step-By-Step Guide

ATC fetches its live data directly from Binance (+Binance Jersey) via the Cryptofinance plugin and GoogleFinance service only. Due to changes in the update mechanism, all you have to do now is enter your data, select your preferred fiat currency and check / uncheck “Refresh Data?” box.

  1. Make a Copy of Apex Trader Companion 1.21 sheet
    Note: If no data is loaded, please refer to the CryptoFinance Workaround article at the end of this post
  2. Enter Deposits in Depot worksheet
  3. Set Base and enter Total Base Allocation per Bot
  4. Set preferred Bot Allocation
  5. Choose preferred Fiat currency
  6. Enter daily Performance Data in Bot worksheet (B1, B2, …)
  7. Check / uncheck “Refresh Data?” box in Depot worksheet to update data and calculations. Please only click once as every time you check / uncheck the box ATC sends a data request.
    Just wait until all the data has been loaded


Performance Data

Before you enter performance data, you should know that only color highlighted cells (1) are to be filled by the user. These cells are input-only fields. All other cells are considered as output-only fields. Just follow this guide and you’re good to go…

  1. Go to the Depot worksheet, select your preferred Fiat currency over the drop-down menu (F2) and enter deposits you made to your broker (currently Binance only) under Deposits (Date, Symbol, Amount, Purchase Price (optional) and Note (optional)).


  1. Set Base via the dropdown menu (C17:C21) and enter total allocation as percentage (position + DCA) under Total Base Allocation per Bot. Your total funds are displayed above in Total Deposits.


  1. Enter position allocation as a percentage value (simple number without %) to set up your bot’s position and dca allocation.


  1. Switch over to bot worksheet, select a cell and copy & paste your daily performance data from Apex (Date, Invested, Received, Dust, Fees, Won, Lost) using the edit bar. In order to obtain the layout / cell formatting it is important to paste your data only via the edit bar.


  1. Use drop-downs in "Compound" and "Mode" column to determine if and if yes, which compound mode should be used.


  1. Repeat step 4 and 5 to continue filling your companion with daily data for future use.

Depot - Price Movement

If entered under “Deposits”, ATC may use “Purchase Price” to include price movement in fiat profit calculation. You can set it for each bot individually by enabling or disabling the bot under “Total Deposits”.



To include price movements of all deposits to all active bots, check "Include Price Movement?" in "Balances All Bots". Remember to select only active (filled) bots and only in a row, like Bot1+2 or Bot 1+2+3+4 (no exceptions).


Compound and Type

Enable or disable compound by selecting "On" or "Off" via the drop-down menu under "Compound" (v column). Set your preferred mode via Type drop-down menu (Split, Position, Reserve (w column)). You can set compound and type for each day individually.

When running with compound disabled, your unused profits are summed up and displayed in the “Leftover Gains” field (C6).


Split Calculator

With the help of this little calculator you can determine your position and dca allocation at a ratio you specify. Your current total allocation (D2) serves as the starting value of the calculation. Simply enter a percentage (as a normal number) under "Enter Position Ratio %".

Both allocations will then be displayed as under “Splitted Funds”, so that you can make quick adjustments at any time.


Manual Allocation

You may need to adjust your position or dca allocation (or both) in Apex due to various incidents (increase base-amount, buy BNB, withdrawals, etc.). You can manually adjust this change in ATC as needed (daily). New defined values ​​(allocations) are included to calculations from the day of entry.

A manually set allocation always overrides the formula-calculated allocation in the corresponding columns (Position (‘Q’), DCA (‘S’)). You can set a manual position or DCA allocation as follows.

Switch to bot worksheet, go to the line of the day on which you want to set a manual allocation and enter the base value under "Manual Position Allocation" and / or "Manual DCA Allocation".

Like Apex itself (Allocation snapshot at 12am) values ​​you set now will be used as the start allocation for that day - not as end of day allocation…difference!

Bot Fees

To include monthly subscription fees ($35) to profit calculation simply choose how many months via dropdown menu (C13). “-” = disabled. The costs will be deducted automatically.


DCA Calculator

If you want to calculate how many dca levels with which multiplier you need what allocation for, the DCA Calculator could help you. You find it in “DCA” worksheet.

  1. Either select a bot (C3) which will then use current calculated allocations (position/dca) or simply enter custom values (C7,C8). Custom values are only considered for the calculation, as long as no bot (-) is selected.
  2. Enter “Position Allocation % Split” as percentage under “Position Size”.
  3. Enter under "DCA Level Multiplier" percentages as multiplier. Please pay attention to the number format as shown in the example data.
  4. The green cells will now tell you how many dca levels can be filled in how many positions with the values you’ve set or how much your total allocation will need to be.

Rename Your Sheets
You can rename bot sheets (B1, B2,…) to whatever you like but please don’t touch bot listing (B1, B2,…) in Total Base Allocation per Bot.



CryptoFinance Workaround

  1. Open your copy and go to ToolsScript editor)
  2. Copy the content of CRYPTOFINANCE.gs and paste it in the script editor (replace any existing or non-existing content)
  3. Save the script with FileSave , name it CRYPTOFINANCE , then close the script editor
  4. Back to your Google sheet, refresh the page, a CRYPTOFINANCE menu will appear next to Help. Plugin installed, done.

I hope you’ll enjoy this little piece like i do, cheers :metal::face_with_monocle:

You’re missing a particular value to be calculated or you’ve came across an error? Let me know…

Apex Trader Companion 1.21 Presets:

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Is it possible do to a similar sheet using google sheets?



You should be able to create a copy by just clicking this at the top




I’m going to try transferring it to spreadsheets but can’t promise anything as Google doesn’t support 100 % excel and the other way around…



This is, by far, the best spreadsheet I have seen.

I was actually already in the process of converting it to GSheets for my personal use (so i can easily jump in and out on multiple computers and locations. I’m putting in CRYPTOFINANCE for the coin data. I hope you don’t mind my tinkering Alienpups? :slight_smile:

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Thx for commendation buddy… Yeah feel free to change it as you want…

Have you checked if all functions/calculations working properly in sheets? Just had a short look into it yesterday and found at least one thing that wasn’t working correctly…



It seems to not be updating with current crypto prices. How do i get them to update?



So i got it working on the excel version after downloading. But there is a large difference in the profits this is giving me and the profits my bot dashboard said i made. After doing some digging. It looks like the invested/received doesn’t account for trading fees. Therefore the calculations are way off after you account for the fees. I’m not great with excel. It would be cool if you could add a column for trading fees so the excel spreadsheet is correct.



Hey buddy,
i’m reworking sheets version atm to match Apex’s current state… i’m on it but real life also needs some attention :slight_smile:



Apex Trader Companion 1.1 (04/23/19)
Made some major changes on how ATC fetches its live data. Now you refresh all the data in just one click.



Apex Trader Companion 1.2 (06/19/19)
Some formulas have been replaced for clarity reasons. New clean design matching Apex Beta.



Apex Trader Companion 1.21 (06/24/19)

  • Removed installation process completely
  • Preset versions for most common fiat currencies
  • Smaller theme adjustments
  • Updated bot’s panel



I have an issue with my BOT it has not been able to synch for 1 wee now I have refreshed closed and opened nothing works Any suggestions??