Aurora Borealis


Hi all, this will be the thread for my strat Aurora Borealis that runs on a 1h timeframe aimed at riding waves while being fairly conservative.

The strat was built for BTC but feel free to test it on other pairs and share how it goes!

Links to various parts of the strategy: - Trigger - Panic Trigger - Sideways - Bear - Bull

Trigger setup:


Panic Trigger:


For now it will net you some bags which will require some manual input, either DCA them or cut losses slowly in order to free up funds. When auto DCA gets released I’ll compliment the build with a DCA strat.

If you have any questions or suggestions for improvements please post them here or just ask me on Discord.

If you’d like to donate feel free to do so but it’s absolutely no demand:

BTC: 1Gu3mZZayzRBM2vqhSHpfcrB97h9KtXFWH

ETH: 0x039e5f0cdd7c2b4584d78783bfe25a27651a7f2d

BNB: 0x039e5f0cdd7c2b4584d78783bfe25a27651a7f2d