Bone KAMA(ETH pair strategy)


Description: This is a BB(KAMA) RSI on short timeframe strat. This is an extremely good strat for sideways action. Be aware though that ANY large BTC spike up/down can create bags very very fast. It is suggested to use either a Stop Loss or BTC trigger with a stop buy and panic sell for the BTC spikes whether using ETH,BTC or USDT pairs. Suggested BTC spike = +/- 2 - 5%. You can use the triggers I have posted in the strat center - “SirBevo’s BTC Spike Panic Sell” trigger. The 1st trigger is setup to panic sell to USDT when BTC drops 2% in 15 mins and only panic sell when BTC rises 3% in 15 mins. The 2nd trigger is a “base buy back” to convert USDT back into ETH once RSI on 15 min crosses above 27. I only have 2 triggers posted in the strat center so you should be able to find them easily. I use top 75 coins (quote) for this strat.

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Links to strategy and triggers:

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