Ferengi - currently @ version 5.0


Hi guys.

This is a bit of a placeholder for now, but I promise I will update this post soon and regularly!
We will be able to discuss the Ferengi strategy in this thread.

Ferengi was built for BTC specifically, but it also works with ETH or even BNB. They both have less available pairs, so there can only be one Gold Pressed LatiCoin. (Bitcoin works best) :wink:

Use this with the Ferengi Trigger and set up trigger settings like so:

Anyhoo, we’re currently at version 3.0 while I finish 4.0, which will be a little ‘different’ and should be out alongside the new version of Apex.
It’s pretty much done, so if you are a brave soul can contact me on Discord to get an early peek if you like.

As always I encourage everyone to keep giving feedback, so we the strategy can get even better, so we all win. Sharing is caring!

And remember. The SoTA is there for a reason. ABC - A Always B BE C Closing - Always Be Closing - ALWAYS BE CLOSING : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yz246_Pjjkc

If you like to get a hold of me I usually lurk on Discord several times a day.
And if you feel so inclined, donations are appreciated:

BTC : 3KqAUnYjAeRYBisQiz3yTw85cUKyknKxrL

ETH: 0x810A9D557c75d47aDcD6100aF7953CAD04eC90f4