Important Changes to Fee Tracking


Due to popular demand since the introduction of Auto Reverse Trading, we’ve worked on considering fees throughout the life of a position and when calculating target prices.

So, with the next update: -

  • Profit loss after fees (P/L w/ Fees) will be displayed in the ‘Details’ tab for open positions, not only closed ones

  • ‘Result’ column will display the result percentage after fees

  • Target prices will be calculated considering the fees of the trades that have already executed

This last point means the final result of a position is likely to be 0.075% less than what you specify in a strategy as it will normally be the fee of the last order. Ex: for a target profit of 3% you will probably get a net result of 2.925% as opposed to the current net result that can be quite a bit less depending on how many DCA’s or RT orders have been applied.

Please note that this means that target prices will be slightly higher than before unless you adjust your strategies. You should consider adjusting your strategies as with higher targets there is a slightly smaller chance of it reaching the target.

Another note is that for positions active at the time of the update, these changes will only take effect once there is a new trade on the position

Other fixes in this release:

  • DPP: when used under ART would set a target based off of average buy price which would not be a viable target, this now uses the current price instead.

  • Improvements to test mode fill issues

These changes will be deployed today, Saturday 13th April.

We hope you have been pleased by the enhancements from upgrading to V1, we will continue to address bugs to stabilize the platform before we consider moving on to additional enhancements we have planned.