Venom 2.5 Strat


I am new to here and just started running the Venom 2.5. strat. I change the sell from dynamic to trail stop. I can see that several coins meet the requirements for a buy but for some reason the bot is not placing buy orders. Has anyone had an issue or any suggestions as I can not find the problem.



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If the positions were already in open positions you will need to select the check box to select all of the positions (top left above open positions) and then go over to the actions menu (top right above open positions). Here you’ll need to set sell strategy and apply the venom strategy again.

Note: this is not required on positions opened after the change in sell type.

Hope this helps, if you need any further help please let me know. Or join the discord and we can help you even faster!



Thank you but the problem i have is if i go the “Indicators” tab then click on the "Buy/Sell’ strat I can see the various coins that have hit on the buy triggers and how many of the required triggers that are meet. I can see I have 6 trigger but only required 4 to actually place a buy. I have seen several that have 6 of the triggers meet but still does not place a buy. This is where i can not figure out why the buy is not being placed.

Than you for the assist.



After closing my browser and then reopen the APEX and BOT it now buys like it should.

The only issue i have now is, I have both Trailing Stop Loss and Stop Loss both enabled, The Trailing Stop Loss works like it should but the Stop Loss does not. As soon as the BOT buys a coin it places a Stop Loss sell above the buy price by the % I have set, instead of waiting for the price to fall below my buy price by the % I have placed then selling. How can this be stopped?



IMO dont use stoploss anyways on crypto’s… your gonna loose a lot of money…
Other thing… join our discord to get more responce and help from others…



I normally do not use Stop Loss but since I have been tweaking the bot did not want to take any chances Does not matter now the BOT is tweaked and running solid

I was on the discord the other day but after a full day only had one reply to two different questions I had, and the reply came after I had finally found my answers So was not much different for me there as here

Thank you and have a safe evening