Welcome to Apex Trader V1


Welcome to Apex Trader V1

We couldn’t be more excited to be releasing to you the new and improved version of Apex Trader - This isn’t just another release, this will see the transition of Apex Trader from the ‘ Open Beta’ phase into a full public release.

Not only have we been concocting cutting edge features internally, but we’ve also brought on-board community ideas and requests to bring you a project that combines Apex and the community into one fantastic piece of software, which I’m sure you’ll all enjoy!

Surrounding the price of V1 we have spoken about this within our discord but would like to touch on this again to ensure everybody is aware of exactly what is going on. Though the price will increase from $35 to $50 this will not happen straight away. Only when we are happy V1 is perfectly stable will the price rise. We promise you will be made aware of this transition ahead of time. Remember that we are also honouring the $35 price tag if you continue the subscription month on month from 0.11 to V1, this is for both PayPal and Crypto payments.

Feature Summary

V1 brings an absolutely huge list of features and we don’t want to have you reading for days, so we will give you a summary of what you can expect when V1 in unleashed!


The indicators list has grown 10 fold, giving you flexibility like you’ve never seen in Apex! From the well known Ichimoku Cloud to the Evening Star candlestick formation there’s more combinations of indicators than you’ll ever need! Not only this, we at Apex have built and incorporated our own indicators available for everyone, with more to come in the future! Just select ‘Apex Indicators’when adding an indicator,


The strategies have been completely overhauled giving you, the user, the opportunity to add signals and sources from your indicators. With this kind of flexibility, it allows you to create Hybrid Indicators’ such as TDI, which is an RSI and a Moving Average combination and this is just the tip of the iceberg putting Apex in a league of its own!

Coin Specific Strategies

Everyone knows that every coin can act very differently in the markets - This being said Apex have included the possibility to set up a completely separate Buy/Sell, ADCA and ART for any coin and run them alongside each other under 1 roof (bot)!


ART is one of the most sought after features in V1, allowing the sale of a position when things are taking a turn for the worse to buy back in for a lower price. Not only keeping ‘bags’ to a minimum but producing a nicer profit too!


With all these trades going on everyone wants to know just how much they are making! (hopefully not losing!!) We’ve updated the performance tab showcasing the most important numbers ‘Today’s profit’, ‘Portfolio Growth - Daily’ and ‘Portfolio Growth Total’ Not only this, you can see the last 30 days data and even dive into what coins profited the most for you!


Prefer to manage your buys and sells from Trading View? No problem, we’ve incorporated signals that allow you to set up alerts on your favourite stock or personally scripted indicators and have Apex manage the positions!


Previously known as triggers within Apex, automation has taken a step up with what is possible. From updating a strategy to Replenishing you stock of BNB for fees, automation gives you the flexibility and safety net required!


Security is of great importance in today’s world and with that being said 2FA will be available in V1 and will support Guardian, Google, and Auth to ensure you’re account is kept as secure as possible!

Apex’s Secret Sauce’s

We touched on this a little above with the Apex Indicators, but it doesn’t stop there! We’ve also created ‘Dynamic Percent Profit’ which is a Take Profit feature that analyzes the market and sets a Take Profit based on market conditions (one of my personal favourites). Not only this, but there is also ‘Apex Auto Sell’ available for use under the ART strategy which starts the Auto Reverse selling process when it deems suitable.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about what we’re unveiling in V! and love using it even more!

The Apex Team